Recycled Bitumen Driveway Construction

Did you know that bitumen can be recycled? For decades road contractors have been throwing road bitumen into waste land fill without knowing that it can actually be reused.

Creative Driveways & Fencing has developed a technique to treat the waste bitumen and reuse it. The end product will be 100mm thick, which is three times thicker than new asphalt

We use a blend of crushed red bitumen and asphalt to build your driveway.

Start - Recycled Bitumen Driveway
Start: The typical gravel driveway. It's dusty, erodes with water and requires constant maintenance.
Step1 - Recycled Bitumen Driveway
Step 1: Spreading the crushed recycled bitumen with the Bobcat. We spread to an average thickness of 100mm.
Step2 - Recycled Bitumen Driveway
Step 2: Leveling the bitumen with the Harley Rake. See our FAQ for more on the Harley Rake
Step3 - Recycled Bitumen Driveway
Step 3: Spray treating the crushed recycled bitumen. This glues the bitumen together.
Step4 - Recycled Bitumen Driveway
Step 4: Water binding to finish levels.
Step5 - Recycled Bitumen Driveway
Finished Product: A recycled bitumen driveway to last for years.


Asphalt Driveway Construction

When laying a new asphalt driveway it is important to lay 150mm of compacted road base. If this is not done, tree roots will likely damage the driveway in only a couple of years. Here is an example of remaking a driveway

Step1 -Asphalt Driveway Construction
Step 1: Ripping up the old driveway
Step2 -Asphalt Driveway Construction
Step 2: Preparing for road base
Step3 -Asphalt Driveway Construction
Step 3: Laying road base, 150mm thick
Step4 -Asphalt Driveway Construction
Step 4: Spraying the Tack Coat
Step5 -Asphalt Driveway Construction
Step 5: Laying the asphalt to an average thickness of 30mm

Gravel Driveway Construction

With gravel driveways we just use natural screened clay, water and compaction. The end result is a hard and flat gravel surface that should last for years.

For this surface to be durable over time, we need to take special care during its construction.

The project below took an entire day to complete. (Mirfield St, Roleytone.)

GravelDriveway Step1Step 1: First Prep GravelDriveway Step2Step 2: First course dumped GravelDriveway Step3Step 3: Spreading the first course
 GravelDriveway Step4Step 4: Rolling the first layer  GravelDriveway Step5Step 5: Hand compacting  GravelDriveway Step6Step 6: Second course dumped
 GravelDriveway Step7Step 7: Spreading
 GravelDriveway Step8Step 8: Rolling and Compacting  GravelDriveway Step9Step 9: Leave to naturally harden
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